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Selling an NFT in the Immutable marketplace
Selling an NFT in the Immutable marketplace

How to list an NFT for sale in the Immutable marketplace

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You can sell your NFTs in the Immutable marketplace or any Immutable-powered marketplaces.

Popular Immutable-powered marketplaces include:

Different marketplaces offer different experiences. This guide covers how to list your NFTs for sale in the Immutable Marketplace.

You can see the NFTs you own in My Assets and list them for sale for other users to find and purchase.

  • Users can choose to buy immediately or submit an offer below the asking price.

  • Any offers below the asking price will not be executed unless you explicitly accept the offer.

Once you've sold an NFT or accepted an offer, the transaction will appear in your Transaction History. You can cancel a listing at any time before it sells.

How to list an NFT for sale

  1. Connect to Passport or your wallet.

  2. Go to My Assets and click on the NFT you want to sell.

  3. In the asset detail, set the currency and price you want to sell the NFT for.

  4. Click List for Sale

  5. Confirm the listing request in the side window.

  6. Sign the request in MetaMask to authorize the listing. βœ…β€‹ The asset is now listed for sale on the exchange!


⚠️ If you receive an error when listing the asset, try disconnecting and then reconnecting your wallet.

If you continue to experience issues, check your browser for errors and reach out to our friendly support team with a screenshot or recording!

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