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Setting up and connecting your Passport
Setting up and connecting your Passport

Setting up and connecting your Passport

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What is Passport?

Immutable Passport is your Immutable gamer identity and non-custodial wallet. Store your coins and digital collectibles securely in your Passport, and connect to any Immutable-powered games and partner marketplaces.

Setting up Passport

Head to the Passport Dashboard or any Immutable partnered game or marketplace, and simply use your email or social logins to instantly create your Passport.

What can games and marketplaces do if I connect my Passport?

Once you connect your Passport, games/marketplaces can:

  • View your profile and email address

  • Prompt you to approve transactions such as buy, transfer, craft, or list for sale.

Games/marketplaces cannot:

  • Create and carry out transactions without your approval.

Keeping your wallet secure

Passport uses a temporary one time login code via email to give you secure access to your wallet. Don't share your device or email with anyone you don’t trust to keep your assets secure.

I forgot my Google/Apple/Email logins, how do I gain access to my Passport account?

You need to contact your email provider directly to gain access to your email account to continue accessing Passport.

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