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How do I view Transaction History?
How do I view Transaction History?
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Transaction History shows all of your activity within Immutable X, including purchases, sale listings, deposits, and withdrawals. There are two ways to view your transaction history; Immutascan and via Link.

Disclaimer: Users who have large amounts of transactions, may run into a loading error when viewing transactions via Link. Please use Immutascan instead if this happens.

Immutascan Transaction History

1. Go to Immutascan and put in your wallet address into the search bar at the top right corner or connect to it via your wallet.

2. From your wallet page, you can see your transaction history, in the activities tab.

3. To refine your search to certain transaction, you can filter by event type, and date of transaction.

4. To look at individual transactions, you can click on the transaction id. Here you will find specific details of the transaction.

Link Transaction History

1. Go to our marketplace and connect your wallet in the top right corner.

2. Now that you are connected, click on you wallet profile and then on the Transaction button to view your history.

3. Your transaction history shows you the date of your transaction, the transaction number, and the type of transaction.

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