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Swapping Coins on Immutable zkEVM
Swapping Coins on Immutable zkEVM
Written by Steve Walker
Updated over a week ago

The swap widget allows users to exchange their coins on Immutable zkEVM to another coin on Immutable zkEVM.

Connecting your wallet:

If you are using third party wallet (e.g. MetaMask), please make sure you have added the zkEVM network as shown in our article here.

If you haven't connected your wallet to Immutable Toolkit already, you can view instructions to do so here.

Steps to swap coins on the Immutable toolkit:

  • Head over to the Swap Coins option on the Immutable toolkit and choose the wallet that has coins on Immutable zkEVM

  • Select the Coins you want to send to a swap

  • Click on Swap and accept the request on your wallet.

  • Once done the swapped Tokens should be reflected in your wallet. You can check the same under Balances

⚠️ You'll need IMX coins to swap. Swap fees are paid in IMX coins, so you'll need to add this before you can swap.

⚠️Quickswap is a third-party app. Immutable neither builds, owns, operates, or deploys Quickswap. For further info, refer to Quickswap’s website.

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