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Getting started with zkEVM
Getting started with zkEVM

Setup and configure your Passport or MetaMask Wallet to work with zkEVM

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Getting Started With Passport

Immutable Passport works natively on the zkEVM network. Head to the Passport Dashboard, Immutable Toolkit or any Immutable partnered game or marketplace, and simply use your email or social logins to instantly create your Passport.

To get more information on setting up and configuring Passport please refer to these articles.

Getting started with MetaMask

  • Select the network dropdown

  • From here, find and click the 'Add a network manually' button at the bottom of the network list

  • Complete the fields with the details below and click 'Save'

  • Select "Switch to Immutable zkEVM Mainnet"

Adjusting pricing details for a MetaMask transaction

The network has introduced a minimum gas price of 10 gwei to protect it against SPAM traffic, ensure it can process transactions efficiently and remain cost-effective.

Minimum Gas Price: Transactions with a tip cap below 10 gwei are rejected by the RPC. This limit ensures a standard for transaction costs. This also implies that the fee cap must be greater than or equal to 10 gwei.

Notwithstanding the minimum tip cap, transactions will only be mined when the gas fee cap is greater than or equal to the base fee.

We generally expect the base fee to stay below the minimum gas tip cap.

For MetaMask transactions, modify the gas price by following these steps:

  1. Start the transaction in your application

  2. When MetaMask opens, select 'Market' in the gas fee section

  3. Select 'Advanced' to set custom gas fees and limits

  4. Set the 'Priority Fee' to at least 10 gwei

  5. Save the values as your default for the Immutable zkEVM network

  6. Confirm the transaction with the adjusted settings

For a visual guide, see the gif below:

Adjust MetaMask gas
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