ERC20 Spend Approvals
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On web3 gaming a transaction is how you interact with the blockchain to do things like buying a game item or transferring coins to your friends. Using Passport wallet, whenever a game requests you to sign a transaction, Passport will display a confirmation screen for you to review and sign the transaction.

Normally on web3 a lot of the information shown on these screens is usually not formatted for humans to read or at best, it's extremely challenging to interpret.

With Passport you can safely and confidently sign transactions understanding all the context and details.

ERC20 Spend Approvals

On Immutable zkEVM applications can request to spend coins on your behalf up to a certain amount or unlimited. ERC20 spend approvals allow applications to build complex contracts to do things like swapping coins. Once you approve an application to spend on your behalf you may not be requested to confirm again until the approved limit is used. If you approve an application to spend unlimited amounts from your wallet, they can spend the full amount you hold. This is how ERC20 Spend Approvals looks on Passport.

Staying Safe on zkEVM

To learn more on staying safe, please go to Staying Safe on zkEVM with Passport.

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