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Staying Safe on zkEVM with Passport
Staying Safe on zkEVM with Passport
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Transacting on blockchains can feel unsafe, Immutable Passport helps users feel safer by exposing the contract address you are interacting with, and showing transaction details in a friendly to read way before you confirm a transaction. We are constantly improving security across our platforms, but there are things you can do to stay safe while using applications built on zkEVM.

Check contract address on Immutable Explorer

Bugs and vulnerability in a smart contract can lead to unintended consequences, such as loss of funds or a security breach. By sharing the source code application developers are being transparent on what their contract code does and providing means for anybody to audit their contract behavior. This is how you can check if a contract on zkEVM is verified.

1. On any Passport transaction confirmation screen, open stay safe bottom sheet.


2. From stay safe bottom sheet, select the contract address or open the Immutable Explorer Link

3. On the contract page, open the contract tab.

4. On the contract tab, you should see a text mentioning "Contract Source Code Verified". This means the contract developer has shared the source code and that the contract is verified.


Check application certificate and connection on your browser

Malicious applications use fake websites to confuse users and have them sign transactions that can empty their wallets. By verifying the website certificate you can ensure that the entity is indeed who they claim to be, and they comply with relevant industry standards. This is how you can check the website certificate.

  1. If you are using Google Chrome, go to Google Chrome Help

  2. On Mozilla Firefox, go to Mozilla Support

When in doubt, double check with our Support team

Contact us at

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