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Move your funds from another chain to Immutable zkEVM with LayerSwap
Move your funds from another chain to Immutable zkEVM with LayerSwap
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LayerSwap now supports Immutable zkEVM and is also now embedded in Toolkit with two new options (Fast Multichain Bridge and CEX Deposit). This gives customers the option of using a more centralised bridge to bridge their ETH with:

Things to note before you get started

  • Currently you can only move Ethereum (ETH) and USDC from another chain to your Immutable zkEVM wallet.

  • To use this function you will need to move a minimum of ~$10 USD otherwise the transaction will not be processed by LayerSwap

  • Ensure that your pop-up blocker is deactivated or configured to allow pop-ups from your wallet to appear on screen seamlessly

  • Make sure that you have your Passport wallet address handy by navigating to

    • Connect your Passport

    • Select the gear icon for settings ⚙️

    • Copy the address to be used later in the process


  • To start adding funds to your wallet that are currently stored on another blockchain or centralised exchange you will need to use the Immutable Toolkit

  • Select the blockchain or exchange source you want to swap from

  • Select the token that you want to receive

  • Select the To Immutable zkEVM address context and enter your zkEVM address you want to swap funds to

  • Enter the amount you want to swap

  • Choose the refuel option to receive a small amount of IMX for gas fees.

  • Select Swap now

  • Connect the wallet you want to send funds from

  • Select send from wallet

  • Confirm transaction in wallet

  • Your swap should now be processing and take a ~2 minutes to complete

  • After the process is completed you will receive the transfer details with a confirmation from toolkit

Congrats you have now moved your funds over to your Immutable zkEVM wallet!

⚠️ Please note your transfer may take a few minutes. Sometimes transfers can get stuck or fail if this occurs please contact LayerSwap's support team directly via email: to help resolve the issue.

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