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What is Immutable Passport?
What is Immutable Passport?

Learn about Immutable Passport

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! Passport is still in development and is subject to change.


The Passport allows you to perform key actions such as viewing your wallet address, linking third-party wallets, deposit and withdraw funds, and manage the coins and collectibles you own across any Immutable-powered game!

Viewing Your Wallet Address

Navigate to your Passport Settings to view your Passport wallet address:

  • ⚠️Don't transfer on Ethereum mainnet (L1) - your funds will get stuck

Linking Third-Party Wallets

I have collectibles in another external wallet that I want to view in-game, how do I do that?

Go to the Passport to link your external wallet to Passport.

Can I use these assets in my linked wallet?

The game can view these assets, but if you want to use these assets in game (e.g. crafting), you will need to transfer your assets over to Passport.

Where are these options in the Passport?

Manage Your Coins

How to get funds in or out of my Passport?

  1. Immutable X
    You can add coins to your Passport by going to the Wallet section, selecting Immutable X, and clicking the add coins option.

    We currently only support MoonPay on and off-ramps. Marketplaces such as TokenTrove also support MoonPay. Check with your game if they support on and off-ramps.

  2. Immutable zkEVM
    You can add coins to your Passport by going to the Wallet section, selecting Immutable zkEVM, and clicking on the Add zkEVM balances option.

    This would redirect you to Immutable Toolkit's onramp option which has various options to add funds.

    You can also bridge funds to your Passport. You can learn more about this in this helpful article.

What if I want to swap/exchange my coins for another?

  1. Immutable X
    Currently, Passport on StarkEx does not support swapping or exchanging your coins. We are working hard to provide that support for you.

  2. Immutable zkEVM

    To swap your Passport tokens head over to Immutable Toolkit Swap option and select Immutable Passport and start swapping.

Manage Your Collectibles

How can I view my collectibles in Passport

You can view your collectibles by going to Passport or on marketplaces such as TokenTrove. Check with your game on whether they support viewing collectibles from Passport directly within the game.

Where are these options in the Passport?

Navigate to your Passport Inventory:

How do I import my assets into my Passport account with Passport?

First you’ll need to have assets (NFTs) on Immutable zkEVM in another wallet, such as MetaMask.

In Passport, go to the Inventory page and click on ‘Add to your collection’, then ‘Import from wallet’. Follow the prompts to link your wallet.

Next, click import for the collection you want to import. This option will appear on any collection or individual item (NFT) that’s in any linked external wallet.

Select the items that you want to import and then click on the import button. Next, you will need to confirm a transaction in your wallet browser extension to transfer all the chosen items from your external wallet in to your Passport wallet.

How do I import a single item into my Passport account with Passport?

Go to the Inventory page, find the collection that has the item you want to import, open the item, and click on import.

Is there anything I need to do before I can use the feature?

  • You will need to link your wallet (e.g. MetaMask) to view assets to be imported.

  • When transferring assets from your other wallet, make sure you've added the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet to your networks list (MetaMask example) to complete the transaction.

  • Make sure that you have selected the correct wallet (account) in your wallet extension, that holds the items you want to transfer to Passport.

Do I need to pay gas fee?

Yes. Make sure you have IMX in your wallet (e.g. MetaMask) on Immutable zkEVM, to pay gas fees. Gas tends to be a few cents worth of IMX, but this could vary based on network activity.

Find Passport Enabled, Immutable-Powered Games

Navigate to your Passport Games menu:

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