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How do I view Transaction History on Immutascan?
How do I view Transaction History on Immutascan?

How to check wallet transaction history using Immutascan block explorer

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When you need to review transaction history for a specific wallet address or asset, there are several methods available. One of the simplest and community-based options is to use Immutascan, a block explorer developed by the community. This platform allows you to explore any Mainnet wallet or asset effortlessly.

Here are some important notes to keep in mind:

  • Immutascan is a third-party community project. If you encounter any technical issues, please report them to our Support team, and we will do our best to inform the Immutascan team and address the problems.

  • Please note that Immutascan is only available for Mainnet information.

1. Visit the Immutascan website and locate the search bar at the top right corner. Enter your wallet address into the search bar or connect directly to it via your wallet.

2. Once you access your wallet page, you will find your transaction history displayed in the activities tab. This section provides an overview of your transactions.

3. To refine your search and view specific transactions, you can utilize filters such as event type and transaction date. This allows you to narrow down the results according to your requirements.

4. If you want to explore individual transactions in detail, simply click on the transaction ID. This will provide you with specific information about that particular transaction.

By following these steps, you can easily review transaction history and delve into the details using Immutascan. Remember to report any technical issues to our Support team for further assistance.

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