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Immutable's official support channels
Immutable's official support channels

Our official support channels

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⚠️ Important: Never provide your private key or Secret Recovery Phrase to anyone, including Immutable employees.

When trying to get support from Immutable, make sure you are using an official channel. Immutable support will never initiate contact via other channels.

Official support channels

Immutable support representatives will only contact you via:

  1. Help center chat, available in the bottom right corner of the help center.

  2. Email, if you have an open chat with us in our help center and have provided your email address, you will receive email notifications for unseen messages (after two minutes) from the or domains. If you've never provided an email to us, we do not have your email.

  3. Discord. Open a ticket in our 🎟│support channel. In some cases, our support representatives will ask for your email so they can create a support ticket in our help center.

    Beware of copycat accounts or users attempting to pass off as Immutable employees. Immutable employees will have the following roles on their user profile:

    • employees have the Immutable Team role

    • support representatives have the Immutable Support role

    • employees who stream on Twitch have the Immutable Streamer role

    Tip: On Discord, usernames are displayed in the color that corresponds to their respective roles.

    We will never send unsolicited Direct Messages (DMs). If you receive a DM without prior communication, it might be a scam. Report scams in the 🚨│report-scams channel.

When in doubt, contact us

If you're unsure about the legitimacy of a communication or think it might be a scam, chat with us through the official channels. Stay safe!

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