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The IMX Tokenomics Portal provided by Immutable X offers a comprehensive range of resources to provide transparency and information to the community regarding the IMX token and the overall protocol. In addition to the IMX Core Thesis, Protocol Metrics, Grants Dashboard, Supply Schedule, and Staking Rewards, the portal also includes sections dedicated to key aspects of the ecosystem.

The Supply Schedule resource presents the distribution and allocation of IMX tokens over time, ensuring transparency and visibility into the token's circulation. Users can participate in staking and earn rewards for their contribution to the protocol through the Staking Rewards section, which provides information on how to engage in staking and maximize rewards. The Grants Dashboard offers insights into developer grants within the Immutable X ecosystem, highlighting the number of grants available and their status, thereby incentivising third-party developers and IP holders to build applications on Immutable X.

Additionally, the portal features the Announcements section, where users can find important updates and news related to the IMX token, including details about the token unlock playbook, supply re-locking, HODLing activities, and coverage of IMX by new HODLers. The Historical Data section provides comprehensive data and dashboards related to trading rewards, staking eligibility, and other essential metrics, allowing users to analyze the token's historical performance and gain insights into past trends.

To stay connected and receive the latest updates, news, and engage in community discussions, users are encouraged to follow Immutable X's official social channels such as Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.

Overall, the IMX Tokenomics Portal serves as a centralized hub of information, empowering the Immutable X community with insights into the token's core thesis, protocol metrics, grants, supply schedule, staking rewards, announcements, and historical data. By utilizing these resources and staying connected through social channels, users can deepen their understanding of the IMX token and actively engage with the evolving Immutable X ecosystem.

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