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Purchasing NFTs with a Mobile Wallet
Purchasing NFTs with a Mobile Wallet
The Immutable X Marketplace now supports the purchasing of NFTs on mobile devices using the MetaMask mobile wallet app.
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The Immutable X Marketplace now supports the purchasing of NFTs on mobile devices using the MetaMask mobile wallet app.

When navigating an Immutable X Marketplace on Mobile, you can connect to your MetaMask wallet by first ensuring you have the MetaMask Mobile App installed on your mobile device and logged into the account you wish to access from the Marketplace.

Once installed and configured you can then connect your wallet using the menu that appears in the top right of the screen as shown below

Similar to desktop, you will then see a Mobile Wallet option and, after tapping on this, you will see the option to connect to your MetaMask mobile app. After that you will see the MetaMask app open on your phone, allowing you to complete the signing process to continue with connecting your wallet.

Once you have connected and funded your wallet, it’s just a matter of 3 clicks to complete the purchase of an asset. After initiating the purchase of an asset, you will be asked to confirm the purchase, and then you will complete signing the transaction via the MetaMask mobile app on your device.

It’s as easy as that! With support for MetaMask’s mobile app, you can now purchase and manage your assets from wherever you have data access on your mobile device!

Known issue: Deposits appear to sometimes fail on Android

We are aware of one issue that may occur on Android for users during the deposit funds flow if you do not complete signing a transaction within approximately 45 seconds of the sign request appearing (see screenshots below). Under these circumstances, sometimes the screen will incorrectly stay on the ‘Sign the transaction’ instead of progressing to the ‘Deposit in Progress’. If this happens, please wait 24 hours to check that the funds show up in your Immutable X balance. You can also check in Etherscan to confirm that the deposit was initiated from your wallet.

If there is a delay in completing the sign request in the 4th screenshot above, you may see the ‘Sign the transaction’ message remain on the screen, rather than the ‘Deposit in Progress’ and ‘Deposit is on its way’ messages shown below.

Known Issue: MetaMask Mobile Browser Error

We are aware of an issue with MetaMask Mobile Browser on both Android and iPhone where users get an error message when trying to connect their respective wallets to through MetaMask’s internal browser capabilities.

As we don’t currently support Metamask’s browser, please use mobile Safari or Chrome instead.

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