You can list any asset in My Assets for sale on the Marketplace for other users to find and purchase. When it sells, its date-listed details will appear in your Transaction History.

You can also cancel a listing at any time before it sells.

How to list an asset for sale

  1. Log in to your Immutable X Key.

  2. Search in My Assets for the asset to be listed.

  3. In the asset detail, set the currency and price you want to sell it for.

  4. Click List for Sale

  5. The Immutable X Link will ask you to confirm the listing request.

  6. Sign in to your MetaMask wallet to confirm your identity and sign the listing request.

    ✅​ The asset is now listed for sale on the exchange!

    ⚠️ If you receive an error when listing the asset, try disconnecting and then reconnecting your wallet. Otherwise please feel free to reach out to the team for help.

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