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How to buy tokens with MoonPay
How to buy tokens with MoonPay

Purchase L2 tokens instantly with your credit card

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Moonpay is a service that allows you to purchase L2 tokens via credit card. This guide will show you how to purchase ETH and other L2 tokens with Moonpay.

1. Connect your wallet to the Immutable X Marketplace

2. After you’ve connected your Immutable Marketplace wallet, click Balances and then Add Funds

3. Then select Credit Card from the menu on the right

4. Next, enter how much you'd like to spend and which currency you'd like to purchase, then hit Continue

After clicking Continue, you will need to follow the remaining steps which involve sharing your details such as wallet address, email address, email verification code, basic identity details, billing details, phone number, and driving license verification.

5. After you finish providing all the details, the transaction status pop-up will be displayed. Your tokens will be delivered to the wallet address you entered previously when the transaction status has ticks on the (1) transaction processed (2) crypto delivered with date/time stamp.

6. After the transaction is complete, you'll receive emails from Moonpay confirming the purchase and delivery of your tokens, and the transaction will appear in your Transaction History

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