To buy assets on the Immutable X Marketplace, you will first need to have deposited the appropriate funds into your Immutable X (L2) wallet.

How to buy assets on the Immutable X Marketplace

  1. Log in to your Immutable X Key

  2. Find an asset in the Marketplace you want to purchase

  3. In the asset detail, select Buy Now.

  4. Confirm your intent to buy with Immutable X Link then sign in to MetaMask.

  5. Sign the buy request in MetaMask to confirm the transaction and your identity.

    ✅ The asset now belongs to you!

Confirming your asset purchase

  • Your new asset will appear in My Assets

  • The details of the purchase will appear in your Transaction History

  • The payment will be deducted from your Immutable X Balance

  • Feel free to reach out for more support at any step in the process.

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