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How to withdraw your L2 assets into your L1 Wallet
How to withdraw your L2 assets into your L1 Wallet

Stage 1 and Stage 2 of withdrawing your assets.

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There are 2 stages to the withdrawal process:

  1. The first stage is preparing the withdrawal from L2 to L1

  2. After the first stage is complete, the second stage is complete the withdrawal, this is the moment when your funds are transferred from L2 to L1.

Please note

  • ⚠️ It can take up to 24 hours for the first stage to complete, this is due to the nature of our ZK-Rollup technology that enables gas-free trading on Layer-2.

  • ⚠️ After your withdrawal is prepared you will need to return to your "My Assets" page to finalize the withdrawal & push your assets from L2 to L1.

  • ⚠️ You must complete both stages before assets can be used on L1 or re-deposited into L2 (Immutable X).

Stage 1: Preparing for Withdrawal

Your IMX tokens first need to be prepared before they can be withdrawn from Immutable X. This is a relatively quick process, but keep in mind the preparation action is irreversible.

⚠️ Any funds or assets that have been prepared for withdrawal cannot be:

  • Unprepared

  • Used in their prepared state


  1. Select Connect Wallet at the top right of the home page and Connect your wallet.

  2. Select Balances next to your wallet address, select Withdraw and choose the currency you wish to withdraw.

  3. Input the amount you'd like to withdraw (up to six decimal places) and select Withdraw.

    💡 You can click on your balance, to withdraw the entire amount.

  4. Next, confirm your preparation request with Immutable X Link and sign the preparation request in MetaMask, to confirm your identity and intent to prepare for withdrawal.

    ⚠️ Ensure that you are using the Ethereum Mainnet network. Otherwise, there is a high chance an error will occur stating that you are not the owner of the asset.

    ✅ Your IMX tokens are being prepared for withdrawal.

    ⚠️ Only one withdrawal at a time. If you have recently performed a withdrawal, and it is still being prepared, do not begin another. It is highly likely you will pay additional gas for assets already being withdrawn.

Confirming the preparation process

When returning to your "My Assets" page, it will indicate that your IMX tokens are currently being prepared with a Withdrawal Prepared prompt.

  1. The details of the preparation will appear in your Transaction History

  2. Your funds will appear deducted from your Immutable X balance

⚠️ If your balance does not update, refresh the page to ensure it has been updated properly.

Once the preparation has finished

The prompt will change from Pending transactions to Withdrawal Ready. This may take 24 hours.

⚠️ A high backlog volume of transactions being processed to the blockchain may sometimes delay the preparation process to 48 hours or more. You can reach out to us for help at any part of the process.

Stage 2: Completing the Withdrawal

1. Log in to your Immutable X Key

2. On your "My Assets" page, the prompt will change from Preparing Withdrawal to Withdrawal Ready to signify preparation has been finalized

Preparing Withdrawal

Withdrawal Ready

3. Your assets are now ready to withdraw, to finalize the withdrawal:

  • Click on the Withdrawal Ready prompt,

  • Then click the asset you'd like to withdraw.

  • Confirm the request through Immutable X Link.

  • Then sign the withdrawal request in MetaMask

Please note

  • ⚠️ When withdrawing for the first time, the Gas fee is higher than a regular withdrawal due to the initial registration step with the smart contract. Any following withdrawal Gas fee should be within the norm.

  • ⚠️ There will be a gas fee to move assets from Layer-2 to Layer-1.

  • ⚠️ Gas fees can be adjusted for a faster or cheaper transaction. Or check the Ethereum Gas Tracker. However, we do not recommend manual adjustment as it may result in delaying or even failing your transaction if it runs out of gas.

  • ⚠️ The ETH value transferred will be zero as expected. Since this is a withdrawal request from your wallet [the sender] to Immutable X's smart contract [the receiver], your wallet will not send any ETH.

✅ Your IMX tokens are being withdrawn to your Ethereum wallet

Please note

  • ⚠️ Processing may take 24 hours but you can check its progress on Etherscan

Confirming your IMX token withdrawal

The new balance and details of the transaction will show up in your Ethereum wallet

To confirm other details such as the amount transferred and fees, check your wallet address on Etherscan.

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