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How to deposit ETH (L1) to Immutable X (L2)
How to deposit ETH (L1) to Immutable X (L2)

Before you buying assets you must deposit from your L1 wallet.

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To buy assets on the Immutable X Marketplace you first need to deposit ETH into Immutable X from your Ethereum wallet.

⚠️ If you're unable to connect your wallet to the Ethereum Mainnet network or are receiving IP address errors, you can try:

  • clearing your cache

  • disabling adblockers or shields (Brave browser)

  • switching browsers

  • uninstalling your Coinbase wallet

You can always seek more assistance if you get stuck.

How to deposit funds from your Ethereum wallet into Immutable X

  1. Log in to your Immutable X Key and Get Started

  2. Select Balances on the homepage to be able to view the Add Funds option.

  3. Select Deposit from Wallet to deposit from your Ethereum Wallet.

  4. Enter the amount of ETH you would like to deposit from your Ethereum wallet, up to six decimal places and select Continue.

    ⚠️ You can check for gas fees using the Ethereum Gas Tracker when beginning transactions.

  5. Then, Confirm your intent to deposit with Immutable X Link, and sign in to MetaMask.

  6. Sign the deposit request in MetaMask to confirm the transaction and gas fee.

    💡 There will only be fees when moving assets to and from the blockchain.

    ⚠️ Gas fees can be adjusted for a faster or cheaper transaction. However, we do not recommend manual adjustment as it may result in delaying or even failing your transaction if it runs out of gas.

  7. ✅ Your deposit is on its way to your "Balances"

    ⚠️ While the deposit is processing, you can track its progress on Etherscan

Confirming your ETH deposit:

  1. The funds will appear deducted from your ETH balance

  2. You can check your Transaction History for the details of your recent deposit

  3. When the deposit is complete, the new balance will show up in your "Balances"

⚠️ It may take 1 hour for the deposit to complete

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