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What Crypto Wallets are supported by Immutable X Protocol?
What Crypto Wallets are supported by Immutable X Protocol?
The key differences between the crypto wallets on Immutable X.
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Crypto wallets supported by Immutable X


A browser extension that allows users to manage their wallets. Metamask is the most popular wallet and is integrated into most platforms and Web3 sites!


We’ve integrated the GameStop wallet into the Immutable X infrastructure, making the wallet natively compatible across the entire protocol.

Hardware wallets

Whilst Immutable X gives the option to connect hardware wallets when they are connected via MetaMask, we do not officially support hardware wallets.

Learn more about setting up hardware wallets.

  • ⚠️ For GridPlus Lattice1 users: You must be upgraded to firmware v0.12.0 for your Immutable X Key to be generated correctly. If you are not, the key that is created may not be able to access your assets.


An easy sign-up and login wallet that allows users to create and manage their wallet with only their email. This wallet does not work if the browser is in incognito mode.

  • ⚠️ This wallet cannot be used in platforms that do not have a Magic integration and are not connected to Immutable X. All assets are controlled by the user and can be moved to other wallets as desired.

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