There are many wallets that operate through a browser extension. However, there are instances where having multiple wallet extensions may cause errors. Here’s how to manage your extensions for Immutable and correct errors.

For both Metamask and GameStop Wallet extensions installed:

The Gamestop Wallet can be set as the default wallet extension. When this option is enabled, the below error will appear when you try to connect using your Metamask wallet.

In this situation, you can either disable the GameStop Wallet extension entirely or unselect the GameStop wallet as default. Either solution will allow you to use your Metamask wallet.

To disable the Gamestop Wallet entirely:

Please follow the steps outlined by Google.

Install and manage extensions > Chrome Web Store Help.

To unselect the Gamestop Wallet from being your default:

  • Open your Gamestop wallet extension

  • Go to your Profile

  • Set Default Browser Extension to Off

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