How to create and export a Magic Wallet

Set up and export your Magic Wallet to MetaMask.

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What is a Magic Wallet?

Magic wallets allow users to create and sign in to their wallet with only an email.

Creating a Magic Wallet

  1. Click Connect Wallet from any page in Immutable X, and select Connect with Email from the wallet options.

  2. Next, provide an email address.

  3. Then, check the inbox of the nominated email address. From the email, you will be prompted to create and authenticate the wallet.

  4. Return to the Immutable X Link pop-up screen. A unique Immutable X Key is now created and registered to your Ethereum private key.

  5. You now have an Ethereum wallet that is registered with Immutable X!

Exporting Magic Wallet to MetaMask

The Magic method of accessing the wallet is only available where the project has a Magic integration and is connected to Immutable X.

It is still possible to access and use this wallet in environments that do not have this integration, but you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Click on to recover your private key

    ⚠️​ Don’t forget to write down your private key. Do not share it with anyone! If someone else has access to your private key, they are able to access your wallet and its assets.

  2. Download MetaMask at

    ⚠️​ Don’t forget to write down your seed phrase! If you lose this, you will lose access to your wallet forever— neither we nor MetaMask will be able to restore it for you.

  3. Import your private key into MetaMask.

  4. You can now access your Magic wallet through MetaMask!

💡You will still be able to log into your Magic wallet with your email on connected Immutable X projects.

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