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How to connect with an existing Immutable X key
How to connect with an existing Immutable X key
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To log in to an existing Immutable X key as a returning user, follow the steps below.

💡If you are a new user you must set up a new Immutable X Key.

1. Click Connect Wallet from any page in Immutable X.

2. Select MetaMask from the wallet providers listed in the Immutable X Link. Then click the Get Started button to start unlocking your Immutable X key.

3. Select the wallet account you want to connect your Immutable X key to.

⚠️ If the wrong wallet is selected, you can change it here. Please ensure MetaMask is not open when you change accounts, or you may see an error

4. Then, Immutable X Link will send a signature request to your wallet.

Sign the request with your wallet to authorize the connection, and confirm your identity.

⚠️ Only sign signature requests if you initiated an action with Immutable X.

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