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Set Up and Connect Your Wallet
Wallet connection troubleshooting
Wallet connection troubleshooting
Read this if you're having trouble connecting your wallet
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Sometimes you might have trouble connecting your wallet to Immutable X, there are many reasons this can happen so here’s how you can get unstuck.

Please note

  • ⚠️ Before removing any of your installed wallet extensions, ensure you backup any related seed/recovery phrases and passwords!

  • ⚠️ If you're using a mobile web browser, please read this article instead

Common ways to resolve wallet connection issues

  1. Uninstall and reinstall your wallet browser extension.

  2. Clear your cache and cookies and restart your browser.

  3. Set your wallet to Ethereum Mainnet, with no ad blocker extensions running.

  4. Turn off all other browser extensions except for the wallet you want to connect.

  5. Make sure you're running the latest version of your browser.

  6. Try connecting with a different browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Brave)

  7. Check out our list of known issues below

  8. Reach out to chat with our support team if you’re still stuck!

Known Issues

Coinbase wallet conflicts with MetaMask

If you have the Coinbase wallet extension installed, in some circumstances this may cause conflicts with MetaMask, we recommend you disable the Coinbase wallet extension while connecting to Immutable X - just be sure to save your seed/recovery phrase first!

GameStop Wallet is set as the default browser extension

If you have the GameStop browser wallet installed, you may need to go into Settings and deselect Default Browser Extension in order to connect with other wallets eg: MetaMask.

Adblockers/Pop-Up blockers conflict with browser wallets

If you are using any Adblockers or Pop-Up blockers in your browser, this may impact your ability to connect to Immutable X, we recommend you disable these types of extensions and then try connecting again.

GridPlus Lattice1 hardware wallet

You MUST be upgraded to firmware v0.12.0 for your Immutable X Key to be generated correctly. If you are not, the key that is created may not be able to access your assets.

Ledger Live Hardware wallet

You may need to activate Ledger Live to bridge your ledger and Immutable X before you can sign transaction requests. Try going into Metamask Settings > Advanced > Ledger Live and then setting the Preferred Ledger Connection Type to Ledger Live.

Wallet connected to another Immutable X Marketplace

There are many Marketplaces where you’re able to connect with your Immutable X Wallet. We’re aware of an issue where if you are connected to Marketplace A with Wallet A, you won’t be able to transact on Marketplace B with Wallet B, without first disconnecting Wallet A from Marketplace A.

In these situations, we recommend you visit any other Marketplace where you have connected your Immutable X wallet, and disconnect that wallet first.

Here are a few examples of Marketplaces you may have already connected to:

Firefox Security Settings

If you’re using Firefox you may need to change your security settings to allow your wallet to connect. To do this:

Click on the hamburger icon on the far right, then click on Settings then click on Privacy and Security and ensure that Standard is selected. Then try connecting again via the Immutable X Marketplace

MetaMask is connected to the wrong network

If you're using MetaMask, to transact via Immutable X, make sure your wallet is connected to Ethereum Mainnet. Here's how to change your network setting.

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