Connect to your Layer 2 (L2) wallet

Setting up an IMX key to connect to your L2 Wallet

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What is an Immutable X key?

When trading on the Immutable X Marketplace you need to sign transactions to authorize them and confirm your identity as an additional layer of security. An Immutable X key is this digital signature and allows the Immutable X Link to work as an extension of your Ethereum wallet.

⚠️ Your Immutable X key will be permanently linked to whichever Ethereum Wallet account you have selected to connect on your first setup.

If you have:

  • A preferred wallet: It’s best to use that one for this process

  • Multiple wallets: each wallet must have its own Immutable X key

How to create and set up a new key to connect your L2 wallet

1. Click Connect Wallet from any page in Immutable X, and you will be taken to the Immutable X Link.

Connect IMX Wallet

2. Select MetaMask from the wallet providers listed in the Immutable X Link.

Click the Get Started button to start unlocking your Immutable X key.

⚠️ You can change the wallet by selecting Use a different wallet if you wish to.

3. Select which wallet account you would like to connect to Immutable X, then click Next.

  • ⚠️ If the wrong wallet is selected, you can change it at this step. If this is your first wallet, only one will be available to select as pictured below. Click New Account to create a new wallet.

  • ⚠️ Please ensure MetaMask is not open if you change accounts, or you may see an error.

Then, to confirm your account selection and complete the connection, click Connect.

4. Immutable X Link will send a signature request to your wallet. Sign the request with your wallet, to authorize the connection and confirm your identity.

5. A unique Immutable X Key will be created and registered for your Ethereum wallet. Click Set up key to complete the setup.

💡​ At this step you can still change which wallet you have connected to by clicking Change next to the connected wallet's key.

6. Setup is complete!

Once you click Close you will have your new Immutable X Key, and can trade on any marketplace powered by Immutable X!

You can check whether you have successfully connected in two ways:

  1. When returning to Immutable X, the Connect Wallet button should have changed to Disconnect Wallet, which you can do so at any time.

  2. Your MetaMask wallet should now also indicate that it is connected.

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