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Welcome to Immutable
Introduction to Immutable X
Introduction to Immutable X

Explore how you can use Immutable X and Marketplace.

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Welcome to Immutable X! We’re the leading platform for launching web3 games and trading digital assets, and we want you to be fully equipped to trade and earn successfully. We’ve done our due diligence to break down each part of our platform, so you can get set up and get comfortable. Let’s begin.

What is Immutable X?

When getting to know Immutable X, it helps to start with Ethereum. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency following Bitcoin and the portal to hundreds of projects, known for its secure ecosystem. However, as a result of Ethereum’s high gas fees, power usage, and network congestion, Layer-2 projects emerged to solve these typical issues.

Immutable X is a layer-2 blockchain that solves the issue of scalability for NFTs on Ethereum. This means you can build and manage NFT projects in a secure platform with zero gas fees. You also have access to quick trade confirmation and large scalability for games, applications, and marketplaces without compromising security.

What can I do with Immutable X?

There’s plenty you can do with Immutable X. Here's how you can interact with the token and our protocol, and you can always refer to the Immutable X Whitepaper and our Community Questions for further use cases.

  • Build your web3 game on the Immutable X protocol

  • Buy and sell assets on the Immutable X marketplace or our partner marketplaces

  • Deposit and withdraw your ETH or IMX tokens between Immutable X and Ethereum blockchain

  • Transfer IMX assets via TokenTrove, an NFT marketplace built on Immutable

  • Vote on community grant proposals with your IMX tokens (or propose a project yourself!)

  • Participate in Immutable X's Airdrops, Partnerships & Play to Earn campaigns!

What is the Immutable X Marketplace?

The Immutable X Marketplace is home to all of the assets that have been listed for sale on our global order book, by you and your fellow traders.

What can I do on the Immutable X Marketplace?

  1. Browse through an ever-growing number of great NFT collections

  2. Browse all asset listings and search for assets by name

  3. View the individual details of an asset and its sale listing

  4. Make an offer or buy an asset for the set price

  5. Sell assets you own

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